Jonny helped me to figure everything out for my training. He helped me to develop a training plan that was suitable for my fitness level and would adjust it based on my feedback of how I felt after the running sessions. He also advised me on my nutrition throughout my training, when I adjusted my nutrition I realised what a big role it played and my body felt properly fueled for the run. The more I was listening to his advice the better I was performaning. At some point during my training when I started to push myself over 10 km, I started thinking that I won’t be able to run more because I was having terrible headaches after every run. I shared this problem with Jonny and he suggested that I should hydrate myself more before and after the run and restore my electrolyte balance. Just by applying this little tip, I was able to continue my training and make it through Vienna City Marathon. On the 22nd of April, I ran my first Half Marathon where I proved myself that nothing is impossible if you take your preparation seriously and keep pushing yourself even if you think you can’t do it. I’m very grateful to Jonny for his constant support and valuable tips throughout the whole preparation process. My achievement wouldn’t be possible without him!