Last Weekend I completed my first ever Half-marathon. Without an awesome training plan which would catapult me from a total beginner who struggled on 4 to 8 k runs to being able to battle 21 k in a few months, this would have never been possible. Jonathan not only provided me with a customized training plan that suited my goals and also my daily routine, he was also super flexible in adapting it if needed and is never short of advice. Thanks to his ability to choose paces that suited my fitness I did not once experience any kind of injuries during my training. Jonathan chooses specific paces for different kind of runs which worked really well together and matched my heart-rate perfectly. During the whole training process I always felt being in good hands and could basically ask anything being it practical advice about my training, warm-up and warm-downs, nutrition, race info (how to prepare, races worth considering) up to setting long-term goals. It is absolutely amazing how easily he can emphasize with challenges or issues of a total beginner. Jonathan is an endless source of motivation and turned my far-off-in-the-future-maybe-one-day-dreams into something very real and tangible. I am totally addicted to his plans. It’s so much fun seeing my goal black on white and all the runs that I need to complete to reach it spread out before me. Every week’s combination of runs varies, so I never had the feeling of getting stuck in a routine. I could also see a linear improvement distance-wise which was extremely motivating. There are still 5 weeks left with my current plan, and I am already dying to see what the next plan will look like!!

Julia after the race!