I asked Jonathan in November to help me to train for my first Marathon. I had never run that far at that time but lots of experience with running Half Marathons. I wanted to do my first Marathon in April in Vienna in a comfortable time, but Jonathan pushed me to try and go faster. So we set a very ambitious goal of sub 3:30! I wasn‘t very confident about achieving this goal but I trusted Jonathan 100%. He adapted the plan perfectly for me so that I never had to skip any training session. The plan got adapted every week, so I could balance my work with my training in the best possible way. Jonathan was always helpful and motivating me, he was even standing in the rain for more than 2 hours to cheer me at my test run a few weeks before the VCM. I achieved my goal with a time of 3:27:41 and I felt great throughout the whole race. This would never had been possible without Jonathan’s help!

Ana after the race!