I often get questions about kit and what I'm using, so I decided to show what kit, shoes and gear I'm currently using and the more permanent fixtures in my collection. I'm not affiliated with any of these brands or even pretend to be someone who has tried and tested countless pieces of kit. I just know what I've tried and liked over the years.


I go for the adidas Supernova T-Shirt, it's a great mix of breathable, fast drying and is just the right thickness that makes it suitable for spring to early autumn.


My all-round shorts are the adidas Supernova Shorts. They're light, breathable, durable and the ideal length. Plus they have a handy pocket for keys, a few gels or a small phone.


A running vest is a must for the summer! I train and race in the adidas Adizero Singlet in warm wear as it's super light and breathable - everything I want from a vest.

Racing Shorts

My racing shorts and summer running shorts are the adidas Adizero Split Shorts. They're light, durable, quick drying and just long enough to leave something to the imagination.


The Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Socks have been my socks of choice for a number of years now. They're comfortable and keep my feet blister free. If you struggle with blisters, these are a must-try.


I run in the adidas Supernova Jacket, it's comfortable, breathable and will keep you warm on those cold runs. Plus it's form fitting and looks good. I grab my adidas Response jacket if it's raining.


Road Shoes

adidas Adizero Tempo 9

I currently do all my training, half marathons and marathons in the adidas Adizero Tempo 9. I need a touch of support and this shoes comes with good support, comfort and cushioning - all in a fast feeling shoe.

adidas Adizero Adios

I do my intervals, shorter tempo runs and will race a 5k to 10k in the adidas Adizero Adios. A neutral, low drop, low profile racing shoe that is designed for speed.

Trail Shoes

Salomon Sense Ride

My all-round training shoe and racing shoe on the trails up to the marathon distance is the Salomon Sense Ride. This is a fairly lightweight shoe that has great cushioning, grips well on a wide range of terrain (would struggle in deep mud), has a responsive ride with good ground feel.

Brooks Cascadia

I'm yet to run further than a marathon on the trails, but if I do then I would probably go for the Brooks Cascadia. I use this for my longer trail runs when I'm tired, want protection from the terrain or if the weather is bad. This isn't the fastest feeling shoe, but it has good support and is a tough shoe that can handle whatever terrain you throw at it.


Nathan Hipster

I don't like using phone holders when I'm running, I was so glad I found the Nathan Hipster. This comfortable belt goes on your waist and stays put, it has zip-free pockets that can easily carry your phone, keys, gels and other running necessities.

Nathan VaporAir

My hydration pack of choice is the Nathan VaporAir. I like how it's a small pack yet has massage amounts of storage space and comes with a 2L bladder. This pack works for long runs when I need water and gels, but also holds up on long trail runs when I need to carry solid food and extra kit incase the weather changes.

Black Diamond Spot

The Black Diamond Spot is a powerful headlamp that runs off 3 AAA batteries. It has a range of settings that can be cycled through with a simple tap on the side of the headlamp which goes up to an incredible 300 lumens.

Nathan Quick Shot Plus

If it's a hot run that's not long enough to use my hydration pack, I pick up my Nathan Quick Shot Plus. It's a small handheld that holds 300ml and a storage pouch for a couple of gels, ideal for hot runs where you'll need a little water or longer runs where you can refill it.

Nathan StrobeLight

It's important to stay safe out there! I use the Nathan StrobeLight if I'm running in dark areas or near roads where cars might not be able to spot me. A small and unobtrusive light with a surprisingly bright output from a button battery.

GoPro Hero 6

My camera of choice for all my social media content is the GoPro Hero 6. A small camera with an incredible range of shooting modes and features that produces incredible quality photos and videos.