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Custom training plans made to suit you and your goals.

Take the guesswork out of your half marathon and marathon training with a custom training plan from a qualified online running coach to prepare you for race day.

I'm a qualified running coach and will create a training plan completely tailored to you, workouts will be suited to your goal and pacing zones assigned during your training are based on your fitness level and race goal. The custom pacing zones are designed so that you run at paces that suit your fitness level throughout your training, not so you're left exhausted after very session. We will work together to make your running fit around your schedule and get you to the start line ready to run. I have been running marathons for over 10 years and hold a running coach qualification from world famous coach Jack Daniels, this experience and knowledge is how I get my clients to reach their goals and enjoy race day.

With an online running coach, you no longer need to worry about writing your own plan, wondering if you’re running enough or training correctly for your race. Get a structured plan from an experienced coach with precise pacing zones and proven workouts each week so you can head to the start line prepared. I specialise in half marathon and marathon coaching as these are the distances I have the most knowledge about and where I am the most specialised.

Qualified VDOT O2 Distance Running Coach

I'm a qualified VDOT O2 Distance Running Coach, by working with me you'll be getting a training plan from a qualified coach and seasoned runner who knows what it's like to train for a race and can build a custom training plan for you. My marathon PB is 2:52 and I'm currently training for The Boston Marathon 2020.

My qualification comes from legendary running coach Jack Daniels, a renowned coach who has had success at the olympic level, so  by working with me you will be coached by a qualified coach with a track record of getting results. Jack Daniels is known for pioneering the VDOT tables and having a huge influence on running with his research and success as a coach, this is why I chose to follow his tried and tested methods and use them in my coaching style.

VDOT is short for V̇O2 Max (pronounced V dot O2 Max) and is the amount of oxygen you consume in 1 minute while running and will give an accurate insight into your fitness level and your running ability. After an initial consultation I will calculate your VDOT value and use this to calculate your specific pacing zones for each type of run in your plan. This takes out the guesswork of how fast to run your easy runs, tempo runs, intervals and long runs. Instead you will be running them at paces suited to you and your goal. I will then create a custom training plan that is tailored to you and structured towards your goal. You can find out more about this qualification here.

If you have an upcoming race and have set yourself a goal, then I want to help get you there with one of my custom plans. Being coached is the best way to take your running to a new level and reach the goals you’ve set for yourself on race day.

Get a Training Plan

What Do You Get With An Online Running Coach?

Custom Training Plans

You will receive a completely custom training plan tailored to you and your half marathon or marathon goal. Your structured plan will be based on proven training methods to get you ready for your race.

Plans Based Around You

After an consultation about your race goal, you will receive your custom training plan. Plans are based on your current fitness, race goal, running history, race history and to fit in with your schedule.

Contact With Your Coach

If you have any running questions, need advice, have to move a session or just need motivation then text or email me anytime. I'll be there to work with you throughout your training and be there every step of the way.

Plans from a Qualified Coach

I'm a qualified coach and know how to get you ready for your race, whatever your goal. I've lost 35% of my body weight and gone on to run a 2:52:46 marathon, so I know what it's like to train for a race!
"Probably the most important thing I have learned about marathon training is that each runner needs to have an individualized plan." - Jack Daniels



I asked Jonathan in November to help me to train for my first Marathon. I had never run that far at that time but lots of experience with running Half Marathons. I wanted to do my first Marathon in April in Vienna in a comfortable time, but Jonathan pushed me to try and go faster. So we set a very ambitious goal of sub 3:30! I wasn‘t very confident about achieving this goal but I trusted Jonathan 100%. He adapted the plan perfectly for me so that I never had to skip any training session. The plan got adapted every… Read more “Ana”



Eros Testimonial

Jonathan helped me to prepare for my first marathon, I was starting from a good fitness level but I never focused on running. In just over 3 months I managed to build the endurance and the pace desired to complete the marathon. My goal was to run it below 3 hours and 30 min and despite the Jerusalem marathon had more than 650 mt of climb (that I didn’t consider when I set my goal), I’ve managed to complete the race in 3 hours and 29 min. Without his training plan, I would have never been able to hit my… Read more “Eros”



I was returning to racing after recovering from an injury and decided to work with Coach Jonathan. The weekly plans were personalized depending on my times and feedback for previous weeks which was very helpful with injury prevention. On top of that, Coach Jonathan was always available with great advice on gear or stretching routines. For a couple years, I was feeling pretty defeated about regaining fitness and racing again and with his help, I’ve fallen in love with running again and learned a thing or two about cross-training and rest. I’m looking forward to working with him again as… Read more “Dulce”



Last Weekend I completed my first ever Half-marathon. Without an awesome training plan which would catapult me from a total beginner who struggled on 4 to 8 k runs to being able to battle 21 k in a few months, this would have never been possible. Jonathan not only provided me with a customized training plan that suited my goals and also my daily routine, he was also super flexible in adapting it if needed and is never short of advice. Thanks to his ability to choose paces that suited my fitness I did not once experience any kind of… Read more “Julia”



Petra Berlin Marathon

I had the pleasure to have Jonathan as my coach for the Berlin Marathon. I set myself a pretty tough goal – 03:30. When I received the training schedule I knew the training would be hard. I cursed often but seeing the results and knowing the hard work is paying off was worth it. Jonathan was really caring as he kept asking for feedback and how I felt throughout the training. His feedback was always motivating which made me always looking forward to the next 2 weeks of training. His flexibility and knowledge was needed after an injury and dental… Read more “Petra”


About Me

Jonathan Meadows Primed Running

My name is Jonathan, I'm a qualified running coach who is orginally from the UK and now living in Austria. I began running in 2009, since then I have lost 35% of my body weight and gone on to run a marathon PB of 2:52:46. I can be found doing road marathon or trail runs all over Europe. I I'm a qualified VDOT Distance Running Coach and want you get the most from your running and line up at the start line of your next race ready to run a PB.

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